Corey Schwartz

Hello & Congratulations!

This is such an exciting time! I’m honored to be considered as the photographer who will capture such an amazing day in your lives, your wedding!

I love photographing weddings. There is simply nothing like knowing you caught “it,” the moment: whether it’s a tear drop before it’s whisked away, your surprising laughter, or the last, steadying breath you take before the doors to the aisle open, these are the moments that will offer you a lifetime of heart-felt memories.

You can count on me to take images that transcend photography, and remind you of your family and the love you share.

I promise that your wedding day images will make your heart pound as it did on your wedding day. You’ll laugh, and cry with happiness, when you see your beautiful moments unfold, sometimes for the first time.

It is my deepest wish that you’ll treasure these images, and be able to share your feelings of love, hope and desire, for generations to come.
I’m looking forward to talking with you more about your wedding day, and the dreams you have for it.

Please call me now to see how we might work together!

All the best!
Corey Schwartz

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